7th International Conference on Laser Processes and Components 2012
On 21st March 2012, the 7th international Conference on Laser Processes and Components, LPC 2012, co-hosted by Chinese Optical Society-Laser Processing Professional Committee(COS-LPC), Munich international expo group and Laser Institute of America, was concluded satisfactorily. In these 2 days, there were 306 representatives attending the meeting; experts and scholars from all over the world had given 35 wonderful reports!

Wang  You Liang, director and researcher of COS-LPC, served as the executive  president of the conference; Professor Andreas Ostendorf  from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany  and Professor Zhong Min Lin from Tsinghua   University served as the  executive vice president of the conference. The current situation and  development trends of laser processing industry, the latest development and  applications of the advanced laser machine, laser macro processing and laser  precision manufacturing are the subjects of the conference for discussion.

On the morning of 20th, Kunihiko Washio, doctor from japan, firstly gave an excellent speech on  Japanese laser processing market. He said the domestic sales of laser processing equipments in Japan in 2010 reaches 3.31 billion dollars, the sales in 2011 is more than that, and it mainly reflects in excimer laser processing equipments. However, the sales of imported equipments is only about 1/8 of the self-produced equipments. And then, the conference president and researcher Wang You Liang, conducted an in-depth understanding of the Chinese laser processing equipment market. He statistically showed that Chinese laser processing equipment market reaches 2 billion dollars in 2011, the market shares of high-power equipments and small to medium power equipments are 46% and 54%. Finally he predicted that there will be a 15% boost in Chinese laser processing industry in 2012. Mr. Conard Holton from the US made a wonderful summary and prediction for the global and American laser industry, he said the largest field for laser applications in 2011 are communication industry and material processing industry. They occupies 30% and 26% of the laser market. The global laser market in 2011 is 4% more than its record high (in 2008), and will main a steady growth in 2012 to 2015. At last, doctor Arvind Patel from India, gave an excellent speech on the new Indian market situation. He introduced the advantages of laser processing field and a huge potential market in India.

On 20th afternoon, experts from the world’s famous laser companies gave splendid reports on advanced laser machines. They introduced the latest already applied and in-research laser machines. The general manager Luo Jing Wen from Shang Unity Purui Laser Equipment Co. Led, sales and market director Markus Lindemann from Trumpf Machine Tools Co. Led, ect. also delievered excellent speeches.

On 21th, the conference divided into two venues to continue to further communicate with the sub-domains in laser processing field: laser macro processing and laser precision manufacturing. Professor Cheng Ya from Chinese academy of sciences Shanghai Optics and Fine mechanics, professor Huang Wei Dong from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Doctor Yan Da Peng, General manager from Wuhan Raycus fiber laser machine co. led, Doctor Zhang Wen Wu from the American General Electric Global Research and Development Center, etc. delivered excellent lectures on their own specialized field.