Product Name : 3D dynamic fiber laser marking machine
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CK-FB 3D Series Fiber Laser Machine


Advanced 3D control technology---- Z Axis focus compensation

                             Mark on cylinder                                               Mark on slope

                  Mark on different surface                                             Mark on cone

Equipment Description
  3 D laser marking machine is an advanced system of the third generation of laser marking machine,which adopt international advanced fiber laser, ultra-fast scanning galvanometer .
Optical fiber laser marking machine adopts air cooling, marking breadth, outputing the speed
of light with good quality, high reliability, longlife, maintenance free, and can meet the marking
depth, smoothness, high precision requirement.

Main features
1. Using integrated structure,equipped with automatic focus system,operation process.

2. Beam quality is better than the traditional solid laser marking machine,output TEMOO,focusing spot diameter is less than 20 um.

3. CK-FB series adopts famous laser source which has a long service life (≥100,000 hours) up to 2 years warranty.

4.  It needs no maintenance , has a long life span, and suitable for bad working environment .

5.Powerful marking software , compatible with Corel draw, AutoCAD, and Photoshop file; support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP、etc,.SHX、TTF font can be directly used ; Support automatic code, serial number, batch number, date printing, bar code, two-dimensional code, automatic jump number, etc.


Model CK-FB3D
output power 20W 、30W、50W、60W、70W、100W  (Optional)
Pulse Repetition Rate 20kHz-200kHz(IPG)/ 1~400KHZ(JPT)
beam quality ㎡ <2

Depth of engraving(based on material)
Gross Power 600W
Operating voltage AC 220V/110V  50/60HZ 5A
Laser wavelength 1064nm
engraving range 100×100×40mm、160×160×40mm、300×300×40mm
Repetition precision ±0.003mm
Engraving speed 8000mm/s
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Marking method
 stationary Marking,Flying Marking,Rotary Marking
Character size 0.5-110mm
Cooling System Air Cooling
Direction of Installing equipment Any
Cable Length 3m  ( 5m optional)
Voltage Class
Class of pollution 2
Working Temperature Range 10-30℃
Working Humidity 20%-80%
Net Weight of machine 40kg
Dimension of Main Body(L×W×H) 1030mm×720mm×420mm

Application Area

Applicable Industries:
It is widely used in industries that produces mobile phone keys, translucent plastic keys , electronic components , integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances , communication products , sanitary ware , tool parts, 
knives , watches ,glasses,  jewellery, auto accessories, luggage buckles, cooking utensils, stainless steel products.

Applicable materials:All kinds of metal (with rare metal), engineering plastics , electroplating materials,the coating materials, spraying materials , plastic and rubber , epoxy resin, ceramics, and other materials