Product Name : 3D CO2 350W laser engraving/cutting machine
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3D CK-LEG350

Equipment describtion
CK-LEG350 non-metallic laser marker is controlled by computer, which applies 10640um laser beam to act on the surface as the predetermined trajectory through beam expansion, focusing and finally controlling the deflection of galvanometer to gasify the surface and achieve engraving effects.

Our CK-LEG350 non-metallic laser marker is characterizd by
good beam pattern, stable-performance system and maintenance-free. It is appropriate to be used in industrial processing sites with high-volume, multi-variety, high-speed and high-precision continuous production

Core advantages

CKLASER has cooperated with the top European manufacture engaged in laser research and development to well design and customized products for customers combined with the domestic market demand. With the advances digital scan head and three-dimensional dynamic fousing system, as well as the professional control system of CKLASER, the role of laser has been fully played.

Special software
The special engraving software for leather and shoes is easy to operate and easy to learn. With the software integrated data optimization function, it has greatly reduced the time consumption in the processing and improved the efficiency. It also supports PLT,DXF, DWG, BMP,JPG and other popular farmats to meet different customer's needs.


Main design features
1. Comfortable operation design

The professional engineer designed this machine in accordance with user friendly engineering .The whole machine adopts focus mode,which can make operators work more comfortably and reduces fatigue after long working hours.

2.The free maintenance optical system
Dust has destructive damage to optical lens and optical system of laser machine, CK adopts  double totally enclosed dustproof patent technology.

3.Leading three-axis dynamic technology
The three-axis dynamic system that originated from Europe can make the working range more bigger and the diameter of  light spot more precise.

4.Imported core components
Adopting imported high precision and ultra fast galvonameter scan system and the dynamic focusing lens system, which can make the  marking range reach 800×800mm, repeating precision≤0.001mm, the minimum character≤0.4mm

Applicable industries
It is widely used in shoes, clothing, packing, toys, food, beverage, medicine, daliy-use cosmetics and other industried.

Applicalble materials
It is applicable to the laser engraving and cutting of various non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, paper, PVC, rubber, wood, ceramics,glass, plastic and so on.