Product Name : FRAME MARKING MACHINE FOR MATT Grey mobile phone
Color : white
Making range : optional
Quantity:   - + Unit(s)
Matt gloss laser engraving is to matt the plastic UV surface which was painted UV in vacuum by special wavelength laser to form metallic effect

Main features-High efficiency
Adopting imported cooling high speed digital scanning system, with 3D software and controlal system which are researched and developed by ourselves. Mobile phone frame of 4.7 inch can be finished within 13s.

Main features-Precise processing effect
The unique folder cavity structure  with better light beam quality, smaller light spot diameter and the processing effect of product is more precise, smooth, and high uniformity.

Main features-Special wavelength optic lens

Using the customerize optic lens with smaller reflectivity. The smaller the reflectivity,the less the laser loss, the bigger  the output power is.

Main features-Strong adaptability
customized imported laser source with the characteristics of strong power, high peak power, big frequency, which enable various paints and colors' mobile frame to be processed stably.

Main features -Accurate PLC control
Positioning accuracy:0.05○
Rotation accuracy:0.03mm

Expansibility-3D function

Software- researched and developed by CK

3D engraving professional control software is achievable, the engraving speed can be improved by selecting optimal route.

Unique design-integrated design
Easy operation, space-saving, electromagnetic interference
 can be reduced effectively