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Ezcard Software & Marking software

Introduction of Ezlaser Software

Ezlaser is easy to learn. For the beginner with computer fundamentals, he or she can master the main functions in 30 minutes. With user-friendly interface and powerful features, Ezlaser is valued to be rated as a leader of the industry.  

Powerful Functions
1、Drawing function: it can achieve the input of line graphics, hand-painted graphics and free Logo graphics and so on.

2、Text input and editing function: it provides TTF, SHX and other fonts, and otherwise equipped with single-line fonts, so that fonts can be freely defined.

3、It supports the input of one-dimensional bar codes, two-dimensional bar codes and code forms.

4、With the function to read internal codes of serial number and ID number, it supports the input of dynamic text lines in EXCEL.  It supports the input of date and time in editable format and is able to read the system time to mark.

5、Editing and arranging function: center, distribution, rotation, tilt, mirror image, array, replication, simulation replication and so on.

6、Filling function: it can optimize the filling and is efficient and practical. Import and export functions: it is able to quickly import files in DXF, PLT, DWG, BMP, JPG and other formats and supports for the export of those in DXF, PLT and DWG format. It is characterized by fast objects scattering, combining and grouping functions.

7、Layer Setting: there are parameter settings for 256 layers and different parameters can be set against different objects for corresponding to different marking effects.
System Detection Function: it can realize the system detection.

8、Marker Preview Function: it can realize the red-light external-frame preview of the currently selected graphics.

9、Good Compatibility
It can use drawing software commonly used in other computers, such as CorelDraw, AutoCAD, and their graphical files can be directly entered into the software operating system for use.