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How to choose best suitable engraving machine for you? Part 1

Laser engravers can be divided into professional laser engraving machine, professional laser marking engraving, professional laser cutting. Following advices maybe help to choose a laser engraver:

(1)What kinds of engraved materials you want to choose:
laser engravers can be generally divide into two kinds: YAG and CO2. the first one is special designed for metal engraving medias, the second one is for non-metal medias, which takes a larger parts in the engraving market.

(2)What kinds of application you want to get:
engraving equipments can be generally divided into laser engraver, laser cutter, and laser marker according to different using methods. Some are multifunction equipments, and some are special engravers just for one function.

(3)How large the engraved area is:
it is also the demand to the format of laser engravers. However, there is not a rule for the equipment that: the larger, the better. The most suitable one is the best one.

(4)laser tube power:
laser tube power will be different according to the engraved medias, or contents.

Benefits of our lasers:
CO2 Glass or R.F. Lasers –The lasers we chose are most water cooled made in China. Lasers can be easily removed by the user for change or prompt factory servicing from us at low recharge cost. We can also equip R.F. lasers imported from USA and cooled by air according to your requirement.
Lasers Designed Specifically for Engraving & Cutting – Lasers are made in China with high quality and specifically tuned to provide fine cutting and engraving quality.
Power Range Availability (10-150 watts) – Get the exact amount of power you need for virtually any application.

How much power do I need?
10 Watts –Low power level for light engraving.
20-30 Watts –It is special for stamp carving and simple engraving and thin material cutting, not recommended for thick cutting or dual head applications.
40-50 Watts –Medium production power level for deeper, high speed engraving and slightly thick cutting operations.
60-80 Watts –High production power level provides increased throughput, deep engraving and cutting. Ideal for precision engraving and cutting.
100-150 Watts – Very high production power level that is ideal for heavy cutting and deep, higher throughput engraving. For example, if you want to cut acrylic of thickness of over 3mm (include 3mm); you can choose high power lasers